• Found it cheaper? We will beat it! ... the Addictive Merchandise Price Promise.
  • Whatever the weather, get your umbrella branded.
  • Golf Day? Make it your golf day.
  • Data with your name all over it. See our full range of USBs.
  • Pens are your friends. 100s of designs and styles.
  • Why don't you have prices on the website? Because we source from lots of suppliers giving you the best price that day.

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Addictive Merchandise

You almost certainly use one every single day whether you realise it or not, its quiet voice burning a message into your subconscious and it sits there biding its time, waiting to strike. It's your coffee mug, or maybe your mouse mat, perhaps even the sweater you're wearing. That's right - promotional products and corporate gifts are powerful tools for delivering your message, whether it's yelling about a new product or simply acting as brand reinforcement with a company logo.

That's where we come in, we're Addictive Merchandise and we provide a completely fresh approach to sourcing promotional products so you don't have to trawl through endless tonnes of product catalogues just to find what you need. We've got the experience, expertise and understanding ready and waiting to take the hassle out of your branded merchandise, with a huge range of corporate gifts and promotional products from printed pens and mugs to corporate clothing and gadgets. If you need it, and you need it branding, then we can supply it! We're here to work for you on any campaign you may have, just give us a brief and leave it all to us. Deadlines, designs, budgets - you've got them, we will meet them.

Corporate gifts and promotional items are the most cost effective way of promoting your company. Think about it - someone hands you a business card and it goes on the pile, or in the bin. You get a nice glossy brochure in the mail, but do you keep it? Unlikely. But someone hands you a logo'd mug or an eye catching mouse mat and it goes on the desk, even on the shelf - but it's still there, radiating its message for everyone to see. Look around, how many promotional products can you see right now? Browse our range of corporate gifts and promotional products online now for ideas and then get in touch. See what Addictive Merchandise can do for you!

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